6 reasons you should (seriously) consider an internship

Posted on Feb 29 2016 - 3:00pm by genny

I started giving proper thought to my career during my second year at University. The buzz towards the end of that period was CRAZY, and getting an internship was all everyone seemed to talk about. The energy was amazing, everybody wanted to get into big firms, especially the investment banks. I would be having lunch, walking along the corridors, working in the computer labs and it was the same – Goldman Sachs this, JP Morgan that, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas…..my head almost exploded at a point because that’s all I would hear about.

I wasn’t particularly bothered about getting an internship because I had gained a considerable amount of part-time work experience up until that time, and I also had a very well-paying summer job coming up at Edexcel (now Pearson Education). I had really enjoyed doing the job the previous summer because of the LARGE number of Nigerian students working there. It was serious fun and there must have been at least 100 of us young Nigerians at some point.

Anyway, a great friend and classmate of mine, Chitra, started asking me if I had applied to any of the investment banks. I said nope, Edexcel pays very well and I enjoy the work. She must have thought I was crazy, because the way she looked at me was like ‘Is this one ok? Can’t you see what your mates are doing?’ LOL!!!

She managed to convince me to put in at least ONE application. I procrastinated for a few days before I decided to check the websites. Lo and behold, I was too late – I had missed all the application deadlines (or so I thought).

I didn’t even feel bad, I was just like ‘it wasn’t meant to be’. It must have been a few days later when she was like ‘did you check the Credit Suisse website?’ I was like ‘errr’…Anyway she told me it was still open and that the deadline was that day. I was like ahh today? How am I supposed to get it done in a few hours? Anyway long story short, I dropped everything else, put in my application and forgot about it – I was convinced they wouldn’t call me because of how I rushed it.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got called for a telephone interview – I couldn’t believe it. I made it through the phone interview, and was invited to attend a 9 hour assessment centre (story for another day). I somehow managed to make it through that, and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was an A M A Z I N G experience. I got to meet and learn from soo many brilliant people and was especially fortunate to have a great boss who helped me gain clarity with regards to a decision I had been struggling with for a while (whether or not to do a master’s degree – I ended up not doing it).

Best of all though, was the lunch, LOL. They had ALL sorts in there, Italian, Indian, Chinese – you name it. Even the dessert was nice. I always looked forward to lunch because of the many different options.


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Anyway, let me get down to the real reason I wrote this post – What competitive advantage did my 3 months at Credit Suisse give me? Why should YOU intern?

  1. Get your foot in the door. Internships are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door in terms of getting a full time role. Work hard while you’re there, and there’s a good chance you’ll be asked back. I was made a full time offer for a graduate position immediately after my internship and this meant I didn’t have to worry about applying for jobs in my final year.
  1. Upgrade your CV. Even if you’re not made an offer where you interned, the experience will seriously boost your CV and increase your chances of getting a job elsewhere.
  1. Test drive a career path you’re interested in. I was bent on getting into the telecoms industry while I was in University because I enjoyed all the telecoms modules I took, but my internship experience in an investment bank was a key turning point in terms of helping me discover what I really enjoy doing (I eventually did my NYSC at a telecoms company and I absolutely hated it).
  1. Develop key transferable skills. An internship is a great opportunity to hone your existing skills and develop new ones which employers are always looking out for when recruiting.
  1. Learn the importance of work ethic. The workplace is very different from the school environment and the best way to learn work etiquette is in a real life work environment.
  1. Build your network. You get to meet new people and build relationships you can leverage. ALL the jobs I’ve had since NYSC (and I mean ALL 5 jobs since 2009) have been through the network I’ve built over time.

So what’s holding you back from an internship? Please share in the comments section. I hear a LOT of young people complaining about the lack of opportunities in terms of jobs out there and while this is true, there are ways you can help yourself get a few steps ahead and an internship is one of them.

There’s an absolutely amazing website called Stutern (by Jobberman) that you can use to find out about and apply for internships in Nigeria – I seriously suggest you check it out and apply for any opportunities that interest you at www.stutern.com


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  1. Abayomi March 1, 2016 at 10:27 am - Reply

    Amazing piece! The NYSC part got me LOL.

    Getting an Internship in Nigeria is almost as difficult as getting a job. I’m a postgraduate student of Industrial and Labour Relations and I’ve sent out COUNTLESS APPLICATIONS for a an internship position or a trainee role but I’m yet to get any.

    Anyways, what I did was that I offered to work with the HR Personnel in the small organisation where I work and trust me, the experience has been nothing short of wonderful (Although there is more to HR than just sorting CVs and preparing payroll. LOL). Providing support to the HR Personnel has helped me apply my theoretical knowledge of Human Resource to real life situatuons.

  2. Gerrard59 March 14, 2016 at 5:11 am - Reply

    Coming at a time when I am thinking of where to undergo my internship program. Thanks for the website(stutern).

    I love your website(I love anything career related)

    With greetings from Nairaland….

  3. Omo March 14, 2016 at 7:03 am - Reply

    Thanks people, I’m really glad you found it useful 😀

    Special greetings to Gerrard 59 and my NL family….

  4. IgenozaNic July 18, 2016 at 11:51 am - Reply

    This is great. I’ve been an ardent follower of your posts. I find them most helpful

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